Keeping Your House Clean with Pets


Your guests come with their own clothing and even the most understanding pet owner friend won’t want to leave with a new fur-baby coat. We love our pets, but they can certainly present some challenges when it comes to keeping our homes tidy. Thankfully, some easy strategies can help you keep on top of chores even when you share your home with pets.

Hair and Dirt

Putting booties on your furry friend can help limit the dirt that gets tracked in (if you can keep them on while they are outdoors). Doormats and designated towels help too. Some pet owners even recommend a tray of water at the front door to wash salt and sand off upon entry.

If your pets have free roam of your house, you’ll want to invest in a good vacuum. Make sure it has a rotor brush with pet attachments and vacuum each surface in multiple directions. If vacuuming isn’t your thing, a robot vacuum should be non-negotiable. For quick, quiet spot-cleaning, keep a static dust mop on hand too.

If you can, train your animal to use their own designated bed. If they would rather snuggle on the couch with you, put washable covers on favourite furniture and toss in the machine when it is convenient. Brush and groom your pets often to avoid hair and dander build-up in the first place.

For safety and fire prevention, be sure to pull appliances out regularly and vacuum behind them. Clean your dryer vent and hoses regularly too.

For pet hair on upholstery - Maid Sense recommends the rubber glove treatment - take a regular dish glove and pull it along the fabric of your couch or will literally ball up the pet hair for easy removal!

Odour and Stains

There is nothing worse than stepping in water, in sock feet, at the front door. Unless of course, that water happens to be yellow. Other than fur, bad smells are probably the worst problem facing pet owners.

Making sure your pet gets outside enough, can save your flooring and minimize your need to clean. Unfortunately, most pets will have accidents or become sick at one time or another. Clean up quickly to avoid having odours set in and to avoid permanent colour damage.  Many natural cleaning solutions and pet-specific cleaning products are available. Of course, you can always ask for gift certificates for carpet cleaning, in your Christmas stocking.

Be sure to keep litter boxes away from the front door so it’s not the first thing people smell when they come to visit.

Scratches on Furniture and Floor Coverings

It is hard to stop animal from scratching, once they get started. Training your pet is the best way to limit damage in this area. Try hanging a bell from a doorknob. Teach your pets to ring it instead of scratching to get into or out of a room. Try not to purchase delicate furniture or carpets, keep your pets’ claws trimmed and provide scratching posts when necessary.

Toys and Food Dishes

As far as clutter goes, tripping over pet toys in every room can drive a person crazy. Try minimizing. How many stuffies does one dog need to chew on? Pick a few favourites and keep them in a basket. You can even train Fido to put them away when he isn’t using them.

Keeping kibble contained can be tough too. Put a placemat with a lip under non-slip bowls to limit the mess. Make sure you keep big bags of food out of reach.

Having a clean home with pets isn’t impossible. A little diligence and some preventative measures will go a long way. Use these strategies to help you spend more time making memories with your pet and less time stressing about the mess. 

featured photo by Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Jude Goodwin