Commercial Cleaning

As well as giving a good impression, your workplace needs to be a healthy environment. Office cleaning by trained house cleaners is detailed and thorough.

Maid Sense Cleaning provides detailed corner to corner cleaning—beyond janitorial.

Thorough dusting, high to low, including all equipment and behind all equipment and computers. Glass/windows cleaned in entrance way. Waiting room areas disinfected, Furniture vacuumed. Window sills, fingerprints removed, wall cleaned. Counters disinfected, phones wiped and disinfected. Door knobs disinfected. Floors vacuumed and edged, all hard floors washed well.  Bathrooms—see Residential House Cleaning.

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  • Offices
  • Physio Clinics
  • Yoga Studios
  • Restaurant (fronts and bathrooms)
  • Retail

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Post-Renovation of Homes or Offices:

Vacuum out all spaces inside and out to remove drywall and construction dust. Dust all surfaces. Vacuum walls, remove residuals of construction. Wash all surfaces several times over (if necessary). Windows (if required)Vacuum floors/carpet.  Wash floors several times (if necessary).

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Apartment/Strata Maintenance:

Entrance ways cleaned, glass polished,door cleaned & floor space vacuumed. All hallways vacuumed, upkeep of light fixtures, replacing bulbs when needed, cleaning of elevators- walls wiped & disinfected, floor washed.Door handles disinfected. All floors washed where needed. Laundry rooms – machines wiped down, tables cleaned, floor vacuumed and washed. Garbage removed, newspapers/junkmail removed from mail area, recycling completed.

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