Frequently Asked Questions

Do you bring everything?
Yes, we bring all equipment and supplies. However if there is special product you need us to use, please leave it out.

Do we need to be home when you clean?
No, however it is a good idea to be home the first time to orient us to your home.

Can I keep the same cleaner or team?
Yes, you keep them. In the event of sickness and other events we may send a different cleaner.

Can we request a team or a solo cleaner?
Yes. However, it will depend on the day you are looking for.

What about special requests or adding projects?
Yes absolutely. Just let us know ahead.

How much notice do I need to give for cancelling?
We require 48 hours notice to cancel a cleaning.

Can my pet(s) be home during the cleaning?
Absolutely, unless your pet has issues with visitors in the home. Our clients enjoy that. We are animal lovers. Extra pats and fresh water are no problem!

Do I pay for parking?
If you cannot provide parking or free street parking is not available we require you to add the parking costs to the payment.

Can you provide references?
Yes, we provide references by email.

Can you provide proof of insurance?
Yes, by email, upon request.