There are companies that offer package pricing, flat rate pricing but we have over 25 years experience with in-home estimating and can quickly assess the time required for a cleaning for you. We believe flat rate pricing or package pricing  over-inflates the price to cover for inadequacies in estimating.

With Maid Sense Environmental Cleaning you get a fair and accurate quote on your maintenance cleaning.

The cost of cleaning is determined by several factors, including frequency. The longer things are left in between, the longer it takes you or anyone else to clean. While monthly visits are fairly priced, biweekly visits are even more reasonable, and weekly visits offer the best value of all.

The first visit is typically longer and that extra service is built into the initial quote when you inquire with us. Your regular maintenance quote will reflect the cost to maintain your home on the frequency schedule you choose.

Maintenance Cleaning

Our rates are as follows: $35.00/hour plus tax per person. Our minimum is two hours (one cleaner for two hours or a team of two for one hour) = $68.00 plus tax.

Just to give you an idea of our prices (on a biweekly basis):

  • A typical apartment requires 2 hours for one cleaner (800 sq ft, 1 bathroom)
  • A typical townhouse requires 3 hours for one cleaner (1100 sq ft, 2 bathrooms)
  • A typical house requires 4 hours for one cleaner (2000 sq ft, 2 bathrooms)

*These prices do not apply to the initial clean. For initial cleans and One time cleans we offer a range estimate as we do not know the condition.

Moving Cleans

Since there are many factors involved in moving cleans (condition, needs, etc.), we offer you a range estimate. This is the typical range estimate for:

  • Apartments 600 – 900 sq ft, $90 – $200
  • Townhomes 900 – 1500 sq ft, $125 – $275
  • Houses 2000 – 3000 sq ft, $240 – $400

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning quotes are done in person. Just give us a call and we will come by and meet with you.

Payments accepted :

First visit: cash or e-transfer
Regular cleaning: cheque or e-transfer
(e-transfers to