Calling Maid Sense makes sense

Highly Recommended


We are a successful Property Management company specializing in only good quality rental accommodation ranging from large Luxury Estate style Homes, Quality Houses, Townhomes and condos. We have been servicing rental properties in West and North Vancouver, Vancouver downtown and Westside and the Sea to Sky corridor up to Squamish for 20 years. We demand a very high quality of detail when turning over our properties before new tenants move in.

Jan and her team have been working with Design Marquee Property Management for over two years and have meet all expectations. They pay close attention to details, honour special request for extra detailing and cleaning, arrive on time, give detailed reports when complete, great communication and ensure all keys are returned promptly. Jan has never let us down even when we need last minute cleaning- she will do her best to make it work! It has been a pleasure working with Jan and her team and would highly recommend them for all styles of detailed cleaning.

  – Vicki Thompson | Managing Broker


We’ve had the privilege of working with Maid Sense for about 5 yrs for our rental property. The owner, Jan Grue, is incredibly responsive, and the cleaning is first-rate. As a small business owner, I appreciate their efficient scheduling and payment methods. They know how to make our home SPARKLE – highly recommended!

  – Kristin Shoemaker

5 Star

Jan Grue and her crew have been keeping our home sparkling for 2-1/2 years. And I do mean sparkling! We have ceramic tile floors and multiple hard surfaces that all need that special care to make them shine. Jan's crew are well taught, thorough and efficient. In addition, they are cheerful. They like their job! It's a pleasure to have them in the house. Jan herself has been most accommodating in scheduling. She is always able to make the most difficult request to change or rearrange times come to an agreeable conclusion. We can't recommend Jan'sMade Sense business highly enough. They are a 5 star out of 5 company in every way. We'd find it very difficult to do it without them! Thank you for all your great work.

– Rowena M. Hubbard

Really happy

Reliable company to work with. On time an for every budget. Really happy I found this guys. Company you can trust .

- Victor Medina

The Team of Maid Sense has always delivered. I'm not an easy client. They communicate with me via email, txt, voice and are always prompt with a reply. As for cleaning. My place always looks amazing after they have whipped through my place. I am very appreciative of what they do.

- Wilson E.

I have worked with the owner before and find her to be very environmentally conscious and professional. I appreciated her flexibility with my scheduling and the cleaners that arrived were very efficient and I get the sense they really cared about their job. I appreciated the hard work and the place looked great. I have read the other comments and do not agree with them and did not have an experience such as that. I thought they were great and will use them again and recommend them to my friends and clients!

- Leslie M.

Maid Sense service was given as a pre-wedding gift and I could not be more happy with the result. They were professional, courteous and most importantly did an amazing job of making our home clean and peaceful in the frantic time before our big day. I definitely recommend them and it makes a great gift!

- Breanne Moutal

We have been using Maid Sense for over two years and they have been great. Reliable teams, good cleaning and Jan is very accommodating and flexible. They are so easy to work with!

- Sarah Elston Rahn