Maidsense Cleaning, Vancouver’s Original Green Cleaning Company!

Maid Sense Environmental Cleaning was built from the floor up by North Vancouver local Jan Grue. She has succeeded by providing excellent customer service in a personalized way.

Maid Sense Environmental Cleaning was born in 1994 from my extensive experience in the cleaning business including 5 years managing a busy West Side cleaning service and several years hands-on experience.

My lifelong commitment to healthful living has been my inspiration for using only environmentally safe, nontoxic cleaning practices.  Initially it was a logical choice for our own health as cleaners – the harsh products were not doing us any good.  As I began sourcing only safe, gentle products and supplies, it became clear that there were benefits for clients, their children and pets, and for the larger environment. Now we see environmentally friendly cleaning as the future standard in our industry.

Recently my eyes have opened to the plight of animals used in testing and research.  As an animal lover and someone who lives by the credo, “may all sentient beings be happy,” I make sure that we use only products that are certified cruelty-free, never tested on animals.  I invite you to visit our News page to learn more about how we can support a cruelty-free world.

I hope to make your acquaintance soon!

Jan Grue